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Rudy Saenz personifies the blend of commitment to his clients and business acumen. Motivated by a passion to champion for his real estate buyers and sellers, Saenz possesses a deep sense of service and the desire to make an enduring impact on the world.

A native of San Antonio, Rudy's first career was in the automotive performance industry - working on top show cars, swamp boats, gyrocopters, small planes, speed boats, yachts, street performance cars and quarter mile drag race applications. In 2011, Saenz and his team won two championships and set records in the 10.5 Outlaw tire class. Rudy subsequently shifted his career to sales, and was ranked in the Top 4% in the nation of certified automotive salespersons.

Shaped by an intuitive knowledge of strategy and the exhilaration of the competition of racing, Rudy has catapulted to the top of the real estate industry as an expert negotiator on behalf of his clients as exemplified by his achievement of Rookie of the Year for Better Homes and Gardens.

Rudy's plan is simple: "I succeed by simply treating every client as if I were purchasing the home for myself!"

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The diversity in our city. No matter where you come from, San Antonio welcomes you.